JRH Above Ground Water Collection

JRH Water Management is the industry leading company in water solutions. Water is the lifeblood of the world, so why is it not thought about when looking at business inputs?

JRH Water Management was born from seeing a gap in a new and up and coming market of Agricultural Water Solutions. Working closely with agriculture and associated business to develop systems to collect and distribute water around farms across the UK. JRH is proud to be a design, supply, and installer of water products and technology, taking care of the entire process.

Farms grew up around a natural water source, but when mains water came onto farms, this source became forgotten. Agriculture harvests many things, so why not harvest your water? Remove the reliance on mains water and take control of your input of water, save on bills and increase profits.

From there, we started a new market trend in agricultural water management, and are the only company in the UK who is solely dedicated to agricultural water management. We are ‘market leaders’ not ‘market followers’ – something most businesses in the world cannot genuinely say. Whilst developing and marketing agricultural rainwater harvesting, we saw other angles in the market to move into, such as high scale water systems, transfer, treatment and water collection from natural sources. This is another unique and forward-thinking technology, and we strive to always bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients to allow them to maximise their use of the new growing market.

We have worked hard to gain contacts in the industry at a national level to promote and educate the industry into sustainable, money saving and end-product quality-increasing solutions. We hope to aid livestock being less reliant on antibiotics, an increase in general health and feed conversions, higher yielding crops and better chemical reactions in natural water.

JRH has close relationships with CIEL, CHAP, NFU, LMR, NATURAL ENGLAND, DEFRA to name a few, and also has close relationships with companies to help market, promote and sell products, services and solutions. We are always striving for excellence and looking to grow a new market and work with business to change agriculture for the better. ‘Try farming for a day without water!’

We’d love to help your farm save money on water, so please get in touch today!