Whole Site Water Collection

1 acre of drained land in Lincolnshire on average yearly rainfall with 50% percolation rate = 1 million litres a year leaving the land. This is water you could use!

At JRH, we specialise in whole site collection systems from design, to supply and install. Our systems are designed to bring benefits to your business and make you more profitable. We will use your land drains to collect water, install full pumping systems that work for you, treat the water up to potable standards and supply around the site to where the water is needed.

If the collected water needs to be stored for a period of time before use, JRH can do this. Firstly, with large-scale storage tanks and secondly treating the water to keep clean and fresh for 6 months without any water movement! Why not collect and store the water for times when you need it most? This is ideal for spraying, irrigation, livestock and fire water storage regulations.

Excess water? Why not sell it on to neighbouring farms and make some extra money back on your water!

We design, supply and install the system from start to finish – let us help you remove your reliance on mains water.

water collection pipe Water collection tank


Key Benefits

  • No abstraction licence needed!
  • Design, supply and install of full systems
  • Full pump systems & water treatment up to potable standards
  • Return on investment 1-6 years on average
  • 1 acre can collect 1 million litres per year!!!
  • Use your land drains etc to supply water
  • Come off mains water providing a chance to expand business/profit


Whole site collection system installed from scratch, including underground tank collection, full pumping system and water treatment for cattle and wash down

  • Customer was using 10,300 L per day of mains water – now using 10,300 L per day of natural water for same amount of cattle, at no extra cost
  • At £1.94 per cube cost of mains water, now saving £19.98 per day by using the new system
  • SAVING £7,292.70 over a year
  • ROI in 2.5 years (this does not take into account the feed conversion benefit and health benefits)
  • Now can expand per head of cattle without paying more for water = more profit !!!
  • The cattle prefer the natural water and are gaining weight quicker = more profit !!!



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