Water treatment

At JRH we specialise in water treatment. Treat your water to get better reactions to spray chemicals, better feed conversions and health benefits. Our solutions will treat even the dirtiest water!

We design, supply and install water treatment systems to work for you. We can get water up to potable standards which means killing all bacteria, pathogens etc to make it the best quality possible.

Using our water treatment to treat mass stored water is a great option for large-scale storage, keeping the stored water clean and fresh without moving it around. The treatment removes all the bacteria and pathogens that mutate and ‘turn’ the stored water. So, why not store your collected water on a large scale ready for when you want to use it!

Water treatment works alongside all of our other water solutions, so you can make your water really work for you!

water treatment chemicals
water treatment system

Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxides

Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxides (SHPs) offer the Agri sector a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly alternative to Chlorine, Quats, P.A.A and Aldehydes.

Key Benefits

  • Water up to potable standards
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Even mains water needs treating
  • Making water better quality for livestock and arable
  • Better reaction to spray chemicals = more profit
  • Better feed conversions and health = more profit

Benefits for Spraying / Irrigation

  • Ensure clog-free spray nozzles, leading to even chemical distribution which eliminates dripping
  • Eliminate potential of bacterial and fungal resistant strain developing in presence of chemical/pesticides
  • Allows for 100% use of rain or recovered grey water with no bacterial contamination concerns, eliminating the use of chlorine and any subsequent, dangerous, chlorinated by-products

Benefits for Livestock

  • Improve feed efficiency by removing bacterial contamination responsible for competitive nutrient uptake
  • Eliminate risks from bacterial resistance build up and subsequent expensive treatment interventions
  • Remove odour and taste issues reducing water consumption. (Iron Manganese, Sulphides and many others)



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