Ram pumps

Introducing the new 21st century ram pump from JRH. This new ram pump is zero energy and will pump without the need for electric/fuel, using the power of the water entering it to work. All you need is a source of water with a fall and we will make the pump work.

At JRH, we offer a full consultancy service and specialise in Ram Pump systems from design, to supply and install.

What’s needed for a Ram Pump?

  • A fall of 2 ft or greater is needed to make pump work
  • For every 1 ft of fall, it pumps 60 ft head
  • Pumps over 15,000 L per day
  • Runs on 80/20 – 80% pump and 20% loss/exhaust

Our systems will benefit your business and make you more profitable. We will find the water, install full pumping systems to work for you, treat the water up to potable standards and supply around the site to where the water is needed.

If the collected water needs to be stored for a period of time before use, JRH can do this. Firstly, with large-scale storage tanks and secondly treating the water to keep clean and fresh for 6 months without any water movement! Why not collect and store the water for times when you need it most? This is ideal for spraying, irrigation, livestock and fire water storage regulations.

Looking for zero energy pumping? We have the solution!

ram pump operation
ram pump operation 2

Key Benefits

  • Zero Energy Pumping
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Better for livestock and arable
  • Come off mains water providing a chance to expand business/profit



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