Natural water collection

Do you have a river, stream, pond or spring on your site? Need a supply of water from these sources? JRH can help.

We specialise in natural water systems from design, to supply and install. Our systems bring tangible benefits to your business and make you more profitable.

We will find the water, install full pumping systems to work for you, treat the water up to potable standards and supply around the site to where the water is needed.

If you’re looking to collect water from a river, stream, pond or spring, we can help!

If the collected water needs to be stored for a period of time before use, JRH can do this. Firstly, with large-scale storage tanks and secondly treating the water to keep clean and fresh for 6 months without any water movement! Why not collect and store the water for times when you need it most? This is ideal for spraying, irrigation, livestock and fire water storage regulations.

Natural water source


Key Benefits

  • Abstract up to 20,000 L per day without an abstraction licence
  • Sustainable source of water
  • Design, supply and install of full systems
  • Full pump systems & water treatment up to potable standards
  • Fast Return On Investment (1-6 years)
  • Water better for livestock and arable
  • Come off mains water providing a chance to expand business/profit



  • Natural water collection system from a stream, installed from scratch inc full pumping system and water treatment for spraying and wash down
  • Customer using 4200 L per day of mains water (averaged out over 356 days)
  • Now using 4200 L per day of natural water, at no extra cost (averaged out over 365 days)
  • At £1.79 per cube cost of mains water, saving £7.52 per day by using the new system – SAVING £2,744.80 over a year = ROI is 4.3 years (not take into account savings from better chemical reactions and crop health benefits)


  • Natural water collection system installed from scratch, inc full pumping system and water treatment for pigs
  • Customer using 14,800 L per day of mains water
  • Now using 14,800 L per day of natural water for same amount of cattle, at no extra cost
  • At £1.59 per cube cost of mains water, saving £23.53 per day by using the system – SAVING £8,588.45 over a year = ROI is 1.8 years (not taking into account the savings from better feed conversion and health benefits)
  • Now the customer can expand per head of pigs without paying more for water = more profit !!!
  • The pigs prefer the natural water and are gaining weight quicker = more profit !!!



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